Norka Luque Proves That Anything is Possible with Hard Work, Determination and a Bit of Luck

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan musician currently based in the United States. She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. After high school, she went to France to study Business administration, culinary arts, fashion and marketing. It was while in France that she got the chance to actively pursue her music dream by joining a band.

Love for Music

Norka loved music ever since she was a little girl and participated in many singing competitions. So it came as no surprise that when she got a chance to do music in France she jumped at the idea and never looked back. She joined a band known as Bad Moon Rising, Funk and Rock. She got an opportunity to develop her vocals as the band’s soloist.

After returning to the United States, Norka enrolled for singing lessons. When she met Emilio Estefan Jr., she impressed him with her work so much that he wanted to work with her. It was the renowned music producer who introduced her into a professional music career. She has reiterated that working with Emilio was always a learning opportunity for her.

Together, the two created the song Milagro that firmly put Norka on the spotlight. The song was a combined effort project that included composers like Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitan and Luigi Giraldo. The song immediately became a major hit in the United States, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. It remained at the top of the Latino Music Billboards. The song infuses a mixture of sounds and beats like Caribbean sounds, Mediterranean traces and reggae.

Overcame Her Weight Issues

In 2007, Norka Luque faced a huge personal crisis that saw her gain a lot of weight in the process. Soon after, she decide to live healthy while pursuing her singing career so she went on a healthy diet and started exercising. Incredibly, she was able to shed off 32 kilos while working with a personal trainer. Today, she exercises regularly and plays tennis to stay fit. She also avoids eating excessive carbs and fritters.

Norka has come a long way musically and professionally since she started working with producer Emilio Estefan Jr. The two maintain a cordial working relationship and select songs together. Norka’s songs have been featured in several billboards including the Top Salsa Record Report and Latin Music Billboards. In 2011, she was nominated in the Lo Nuestro Award within the Best Pop Artist category. She has proven that dreams do come true. Visit her profile on to learn more about her upcoming shows.

Covering Gray Roots With Wen by Chaz

Women often struggle to cover gray hair on a consistent basis. The main problem people face when attempting to keep gray hair covers is covering the roots. In the hair dying process, chemicals are used to change the structure and color of the hair. Because these chemicals are internally damaging, the hair dye cannot be used too often or it will cause the hair to be burned out by the chemicals. Because of this, gray roots can often grow too swiftly for them to be dyed to match the color of rest of the hair. This is a major cause of frustration for women who detest the look of gray roots. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid the struggle that is caused by the desire to get rid of gray roots. By implementing a quality hair care line like the Wen hair care system into the daily hair care regimen, women can successfully stretch the amount of time that they need to reapply the dye to the roots of the hair.
By implementing the Wen by Chaz cleansing and conditioning set into the daily hair care regimen, consumers are actually adding a great amount of nourishment and vitamins to the hair. This nourishment is something that the hair needs to continue to thrive and grow. After using the Total Beauty system from Wen by Chaz for at least one month and dying the hair to cover grays, consumers will experience a different coloring experience than they usually do. Unlike ordinary cleansing treatments, the Sephora endorsed healthy hair system by Wen hair cleanses and nourishes the hair without the use of harmful dyes and chemicals. This causes the hair to respond more willingly to dyes and changing agents. Because of the changed nature of the hair after using Wen by Chaz, grays will be covered easily and last a longer amount of time. In a recent review which was published by Bustle, a customer described great results with the daily use of this product. FAQ page:


People Are Buying Into Better Real Estate In New York City

There are a lot of people buying into big construction projects in New York, and these projects are making a lot of the houses in the city more valuable and interesting. There are a lot of NYC properties on the books at TOWN Residential, and they are taking their clients out to places that are near some of these new projects. There is going to be a WEgman’s at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn, and there is a huge office building that is going to go up in Queens. The office project is going to offer jobs near where people want to live.

The clients that are in the TOWN Residential offices can read about all these big projects, and they can think about which one they want to live near. They might even get in there and buy a house a lot faster before the prices go even higher. It is all a part of making sure that people are going to get into the homes they want at the prices that they want. It just means that they have to start asking questions now.

The agents at TOWN Residential are going to be able to have a chance to buy a house that will be right near where they might be working, and they will spend less when they go to TOWN Residential for help. There are so many things that people are going to be able to do once they have bought a new house, and that is why they can go to TOWN Residential. TOWN Residential will get the house that they want for a better price. The agents know how to make these deals happen fast, and they are watching all the big projects to see which ones are going to make housing prices shoot up the most.

George Soros Makes Plea for Ukraine

George Soros has become a leading voice in favor of supporting democratic reforms in the international community. In the case of Ukraine being able to cement its independence from Russia and work to overhaul the decades of red tape and regressive policies of its government, this struggling country has found a true advocate in Soros. It would be a total understatement to say that Soros supports reform in Ukraine. He has been going above and beyond to seek out the support that Ukraine so desperately needs from its European neighbors in order to survive and prevent future attacks from Russia and become a responsible state.

In an insightful article for The New York Review of Books, Soros lays out his entire position on Ukraine and how Europe could assist the country without taking unnecessary risks or spending amounts that the EU cannot afford. One of the reasons that Soros thinks Europe has not been taking the entire situation in Ukraine as seriously as it should be is that there are so many other crises occupying the time of and resources of the EU. According to Soros’ analysis, it is actually the structural deficits associated with the euro that has been the source of Europe’s distraction and disjointed international policies in general. The EU has found itself in a state of constantly playing defense against economic crises that further threaten the stability of the euro.

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While Soros acknowledges the severity of many other current international situations, he cautions that the situation in Ukraine is explosive enough to be a real threat to the future of the EU if not handled properly. It is no secret that many citizens of member states of the EU have expressed displeasure about the overall mission and operations of the EU. Soros warns that the EU has partially lost its way from its intended role as a force of international and collective efforts in the world. By coming together to support Ukraine in this time of need, Soros projects that the EU could strengthen its purpose and role on the international scene. Its leaders and citizens would start to view the EU as a source of unity and force of common good instead of simply an economic organization focused on the value of its currency.

To foster the positive changes that are already underway in Ukraine, Soros sets out a detailed plan for private sector growth. This would necessarily involve political risk insurance because the country is in such an infant stage of embracing democracy and implementing more transparent and free market policies. As such, many investors would incur serious risk in investing in Europe. By each member of the EU contributing a pro rata share toward a political risk insurance pool, a political risk insurance system could be instituted that would encourage investment and alleviate some of the risk.

Soros sees great potential in the reforms already being embraced in Ukraine. He hopes that the EU will work to support these reforms and continue its role as an international leader.

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The Skydiver Who Came Face to Face With Death

The skydiving accident in October 2013 left Andy Wirth without a right arm. The Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings did not quit even after the accident. Gordy Megroz says that the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings now lives a life of Ironman adventure and racing.

Wirth is an avid skydiver and in October 2013 he went out jumping with his two friends. He reports that the conditions of that day pushed him to land in a vineyard, which is not an ideal spot. When Wirth was finally falling, a pole holding up the vines cut off his arm.

That is when Wirth realized that he was in a dangerous place. He says that he realized was gushing out blood. Wirth was a backcountry ranger in his past life, and he had experience which taught him about dealing with trauma in remote areas.

With his experience, Andy Wirth knew that the essential thing at that time was to keep calm. Wirth says that he kept quiet and began singing the song of Just Breathe to himself.

At, it says that Andy spent 15 minutes at the scene. His fist was still planted under brachial artery. An ambulance picked Andy and then taken to a helicopter though he felt he had given up. Andy says that it is at that time that he realized how close he was to death. He realized that he substantial chance of living.

The healing journey

Andy spent three months in the hospital, and he got his arm back. The healing journey was trying both physically and emotionally. He gained his identity and fitness. Wirth was back to running by March, though the process was still slow and painful he remained confident. He says that there were changes in his metabolism, but he never looked back. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

While at his winter combat training, Andy Wirth met Navy Seal team. Wirth became friends with some of the men on that team, and they shared similar interests. Wirth sent a clip to Messick of himself riding a bike saying that he was back. The trio formed a team when they would run together, not just for fun and games. The team is known as Special Warfare Warrior Support Team. The team aims at raising funds for Navy Seal Foundation. The funds are in honor of comrades who lost lives and limbs.

About Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth joined Squaw Valley in 2010 as the president and chief executive officer. He became a friend of the mountain athlete, J.T Holmes. Holmes is famous for wingsuits, big mountain skiing, and jumping. He juggles between being the C.E.O and a runner. Despite his busy schedule as a chief executive officer, he still manages to go for training with his coach to make most of his time and become efficient.

Moving Past Public Relations Controversies

No one likes to deal with a public relations fiasco. Businesses, in particular, run a lot smoother when there is no scandal or controversy that mars its public perception. Companies – and private individuals – who dealing with public relations and reputation mishaps looks towards firms such as Status Labs for help. Status Labs remains one of the most prestigious image management firms in the world. Ironically, the company had to do a little work fixing its own reputation.

President Darius Fisher detailed how his company navigated its woes in an exceptional article published on the Daily Beast website.

The articles shows that reputation harm can come from a host of unexpected sources. In Status Labs’ case, an executive’s misadventures pulled the company into a media frenzy. The executive’s activities had nothing to do with Status Labs. Regardless, Status Labs’ name was mentioned in the media in a less-than-positive manner. Employees were very upset over the situation. Good workers ended up resigning.

Immediate actions were taken to address the situation. A combination of removing the executive, making commitments to employees, and performing vital charitable outreach all had benefits. Status Labs was able to regain its good name and continue to concentrate more on business and less on internal crisis management.

Things are now doing quite well. Growth is an absolute sign of a company’s success. Status Labs has sincerely shown significant growth. The company started in Austin, TX and has opened offices in New York City and as far away as San Paulo, Brazil. The New York offices had to relocate for the same reason the original Austin office moved. The company has grown exceptionally in size, scope, and staff.

Also growing is the board of advisors to the company. A number of big names in reputation management and public relations are lending their advice to the firm. Thanks to the help of these established professionals, Status Labs is going to reach new heights in the coming years. So far, revenues have been exceptional.

All future public relations reports about Status Labs are likely to only include positive news.

Securus Shames Global Tel Link In Press Release

Securus Technologies are set to publish a series of press releases over the next six months highlighting the wrong doings that Global Tel Link (GTL) has been accused of. The Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) compiled a report of GTL’s problematic actions that have resulted in the PSC spending $1,243,000.00 more taxpayer dollars than should have been billed for the same services experienced in other states.

Included in the report are “standard” procedures that GTL is accused of performing:

Advancing call clocks at the start of calls to add up to 36 seconds extra onto each call. This practice would be considered illegal.
Excessive billing per call, essentially double billing numerous calls on the account.
Unauthorized rate hikes programmed into the telephones, so that when the call is placed the rate is in excess of the State of Louisana’s set tariff.
Fees issued on phone calls after they were placed and rated. A problematic issue reported with GTL services.

These above issues were highlighted in the PSC report compiled 1998, eighteen years ago, and these GTL practices are still being reported today.

Securus Technologies are highlighting these bad behaviors presently as GTL continues performing fee raises, double billing, and poor customer satisfaction. Securus hopes that GTL will cease these practices when they become public knowledge.

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in inmate communications, public safety, investigation, biometric analysis, and incident and information management. Securus Technologies provides the above listed services for over 3,000 public safety buildings and 1,200,000 inmates.

Skout Is Great For Those Who Want Friendship Or Love

Skout is such a popular social media network that many people will refer to it when they talk about the social media websites and applications they use. When Skout was simply a website, it became popular, but creating the Skout application made the network even more popular. Many people download the Skout application, and in fact, Skout is one of the most downloaded applications out there, and many are joining the network every day. With all the people who are joining the Skout network, millions of new users are added to the network every year, and the network now has over 200 million users.

The biggest reason why Skout is so popular is because it’s not a social media network that requires payment to simply join the network, which is something that many people try to stay away from. Those who want to join a social media network and are forced to pay any kind of fee to use the network are less likely to use the network, so that has played a big part in helping Skout to become popular. Another reason why people love Skout is because of the dating scene, which is the biggest feature of the Skout network.

Although a lot of people go to Skout simply to look for new people to talk to, a lot of people also go to Skout to look for love or for someone to be their companion. With hundreds of millions of people that span over 180 countries across the globe, it’s not unusual for people to find love, even if it’s in another country. Skout also has a lot of fun things for people to do. Many people have spoken about the shake to chat feature, which is primarily used on a tablet or a cell phone.

Those who use the shake to chat feature will be able to randomly talk to any person in the world by simply shaking the phone to get someone to talk to. Those who have used the feature have also been able to find friends that came from other countries as well as finding love. Many of the features that are on the Skout network are free of charge, and only some services have a fee, which can be paid for with Skout points. Those who have yet to join the Skout network can do so by visiting the Skout website or downloading the Skout application.


Martin Lustgarten the Trending Investment Banker

Martin Lustgarten is a dynamic and an innovative entrepreneur based in Florida. He is a renowned investment banker who has worked in many firms in finance and banking departments advising the companies on investing ideas in different promising areas. Currently, Martin is the CEO of his firm Lustgarten, Martin, a company he launched eight years back. He is an excellent watch trader and likes collecting beautiful things and antiques. In his work as an investment banker offers corporations advice regarding banking services. He advises them to observe a combination of multiple trading options and flexibility that allows businesses to utilize investment banking services aggressively and to meet business operational goals and objectives.

With his years of experience in investment banking, Martin split out to start his investment banking firm, Lustgarten Martin. With his investment banking firm, Martin has acquired a quality list of clients, including many corporations worldwide. Martin has a vast knowledge in trading and investing and has been able to come up with practical strategies that have given profitable results. His good work has led to more referrals from the current clients building his name more and beyond Florida boundaries. The client list has increased over the years because of his good fame all over the country. However, his ability to provide corporations with the banking requirements at the right time has been the primary reason for his glory.

Martin Lustgarten has been rated as a very sound investment banker and advisor from his past decisions. He heads all operations dealing with marketing in his investment banking firm to ensure that the company is marketed in the right way and reaches out to all prospective clients. He keeps his business in front of prospective customers and is fast to let potential customers understand what his investment banking firm can provide regarding quality services. He always gives his strong priority as it defines him. With a marketing talent and proven business experience, Martin Lustgarten is making a name for himself in the banking industry. He is ambitious and believes that soon his firm will be able to offer investment and financing decision to as most clients from all over the world.

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Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar, Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Corporation, has received numerous honors over the course of his career. For example, he was one of only four individuals named a Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance for the 2010-2011 year. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Educated in Glasgow, Scotland and Stafford, England, Bonar holds a Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies. Dalrada Financial, known for its commitment to cost-effective and easy-to-implement solutions, is just one of many enterprises Bonar is involved with.

With over thirty years of experience, Brian Bonar has a track record of success in the world of finance. Bonar cut his teeth at IBM UK, serving that company for almost twenty years. In the past he has also held key positions with Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc., The Solvis Group, Amanda Co., Inc., and other corporations. Currently, he leads Trucept and serves as President of Tradeshow Products, Inc., in addition to his duties at Dalrada.

Although his career has focused on finance, Brian Bonar has never been one to turn down a challenge. For example, he entered the highly competitive world of modeling with the venture Warning Models. In addition, he founded a company called AMS Outsourcing, which helps clients keep overhead low while still enjoying the best technology support available.

Based in San Diego, California, Brian Bonar is still tied fairly tightly to his home in the UK. Educated there, it was the site of his first great successes. Bonar remains a popular figure in his home country, and with colleagues around the world.

He has been recognized there with the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales. Since relocating to Southern California, he has found ways to give back to his new community. For example, Bonar has become involved with charities including The Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego.

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